Professionally I have been doing makeup for 10 years while being able to be a stay-at-home-mom.

And in between these many years of doing it for fun and for work, I've encountered MANY questions that I find myself answering.

 So here are Frequently Asked Questions and their answers.  If you have questions that have not been asked/answered, please inquire with me. 

Would you travel to me?

Yes, I am a Mobile freelance makeup artist and hair stylist, so that means that I will go to you (house, apartment, condo, hotel, bnb, etc.) for our appointment anywhere on Oahu.  I am also available for air travel, inquire for details.

Why do I need to put a $50 non-refundable deposit down? 

The reason for a non-refundable deposit is for security and commitment.  Saving a date for you requires me to set that time aside for you and if someone wants to book that same date, paying the deposit ensures that time is yours.  I am committing my time for you and your $50 non-refundable deposit goes towards your total so before our appointment, the remaining balance is due.

Why do I have to pay for your parking?

Parking is NOT included in the price and is responsible by you.  If you are staying in a hotel, I will see how much they charge for parking and pick the cheapest option to add to your invoice.  This may also include valet for some hotels that do not offer self-parking.  If it is metered parking, this will be discussed  prior to our appointment.

What do you include in your services?

For all services, lashes are included.  Airbrush foundation is included upon request for brides and their bridal party.  I also offer a touch up kit for $10 (blotting sheets, sponge, q-tips, lip touch-up with wand, & lash glue, if you have lashes)

What do you need from me for our appointment (client)?

For our appointment:  I will be carrying quite a few things to ensure that our appointment will run smoothly, please provide a space to lay my makeup and plug in my hot tools, an area where there is minimal foot traffic and natural lighting.  If there are younger children at home, please provide me a space where I will not be in their way, my hot tools and makeup may be a distraction to them, I wouldn't want accidents to happen. This also goes for pet owners.

For makeup services:  Please have a freshly washed face.  It's recommended that you already have a skin care regiment in place before hand to prepare for the makeup application. But if you do not have one, it's not a big deal!  Lightly exfoliate, cleanse, and pat dry.  This will ensure that the makeup will have a good canvas to be applied on.  If you have textured skin i.e. acne pimples, scaring, etc. please remember that I am a makeup artist and makeup cannot make the texture of your skin disappear, but I can do the best of my abilities to correct the color and tone of your skin.  

For hair services:  The best kind of hair to work on is clean completely dry hair.  Our appointment is set for a certain amount of time and having to blow dry it will take time away from that.  Also, there will be an extra $20 blow drying fee added to the total.

Why do I need to give you a picture of me and what I want? Can't you just figure it out when we meet?

Yes, I can.  But I want to be prepared with products that will fit you.  I have a wide range of makeup and I don't have to lug around my whole entire kit (That will just be insanely heavy!) Having you send me sample pictures of how you want your style will give me a base line of what you are looking for.  We will collaborate on a look that will fit your style and face.  Please note that not every style will fit everyone.  Also, I can also gauge the amount of time I will need for your service.  i.e. if you have very thick and curly hair and want straight hair.  I will need to set aside extra time for that appointment.  

Will my makeup last all night? What if I cry or sweat? Will it transfer when I hug people?

To answer all of these questions: Yes, Yes, and No.  Your makeup will and should last all night.  I say should because although my techniques will ensure longevity, it's still makeup.  I have waterproof products so you can rest easy when it comes to mascara and hugging!  I've have clients sleep in their makeup and continue their day like they just applied it! (But please, wash your face every night!)

Why does it cost so much to just apply makeup?

What you are paying for is technique, skill, hours of education, traveling, purchasing supplies, execution, and time.  I love what I do!  To be able to share my passion with you is a dream job.

I don't wear makeup, can you do light makeup?

Yes, I can apply a lighter application.  My techniques may seem foreign to you, but trust me and be patient with the process.  We will collaborate together to get the desired look.  The price does not change.

My hair: it's thin, doesn't hold curl, frizzy, dry, super straight, etc.

This goes back to sending me a picture.  You know your hair more than I do!  So we will discuss any concerns you have before hand so I can prepare myself for our appointment.

What kind of products do you use?

I use a wide range of products that I recycle within my kit.  Here is a quick glance of brands:


Can you cut and color hair?

At this time, I am currently a CERTIFIED MAKEUP ARTIST.  What this means is that I am Certified in Hawaii through MUD, Make-Up Designory to apply makeup and style hair with hot tools.  I am not able to legally pluck, cut, color, or process hair legally.